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13 July 2018
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Online friends only
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5' 6" (168 cm)
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Not Religious
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IT / Software Development
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Non Drinker
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Trip to San Francisco
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The Quiet One
About Me
I'm an English guy who left the UK 20 years ago and lived/worked in various European countries before finally settling in France. I live in an old house, in a hamlet, deep in the countryside. I live alone (twice divorced, no children) and I am mostly content with my own company. I don't miss living in the UK but I do miss talking to people who live there. I have also visited the US on several occasions and was once in Sydney, Australia for couple of months. I guess I'm a solitary person who copes - but who does suffer from loneliness on occasion. I think that I'm quite a humorous guy, but my SOH is lost on the French (a shame).
Who I'd Like to Meet
I would like to correspond with an English-speaking woman who has some experience of travelling, shares at least one or two of my interests, and has perhaps also experienced the feeling of friendlessness sometimes. I'd really like to connect with someone who enjoys writing letters (because I do, I really do). And who perhaps shares my SOH.
Hobbies & Interests
I'm a keen solo cyclist and try and get out on my bike every day. I love making bread (I've been doing it for over 30 years) and have recently started making cakes too. I'm mostly vegetarian (but not vegan). I read lots of books - more in the winter than the summer - I get through an average of 4 or 5 books a week. I also listen to many different types of music. I try to keep up with current affairs and am almost a news junkie.
Favourite Books
I read different types of books, mostly fiction. I like historical fiction (inc. Philippa Gregory's books), crime fiction, and sometimes mainstream novels. I also enjoy reading biographies, history and travel literature. I feel 'out of the loop' these days as to what are popular, worthwhile books and often rely on friends for recommendations for future reading.
Favourite TV Shows
News, some documentaries and UK comedy, such as Mock The Week. Otherwise I don't watch much TV at all. I'm happier to sit outside and watch the swallows swooping around the garden.
Favourite Films
I'm not much of a movie fan - I'd sooner read the book. I used to enjoy Jack Nicholson movies and some of the more obscure Werner Herzog films.
Favourite Music
I've been a music fan all my life. I have a large collection of music to listen to - right across the board, from jazz and blues, through to Bluegrass and Celtic music. Hard to identify a 'favourite' - it depends on what mood I'm in. Current listening includes anything by Aaron Burdett, some Celtic music by Calum Stewart, and the 'desert blues' of Tinariwen.
Favourite Quotes
Life is far too short - try and enjoy it as much as possible without hurting anyone