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22 November 2014
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Online and offline friends
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5' 2" (157 cm)
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Left Leaning
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Safari Adventure in Africa
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The Dark Horse
About Me
vegetarian/vegan, dog owner, horse-rider (infrequent nowadays). Christian in principle but not religious.

Have lived in my present house/location (North Wales)for 30 years so have many friends/acquaintances. Will be looking to sell next spring (2015) and possibly moving to a different area ...... Lincolnshire Wolds is a possible as is South Wales - just looking for 'better value for money' as I live in a quite expensive area - although I'm at the poor end.

I am divorced (9 years ago) - after 25 years of marriage. There have been a few relationships since.

I love countryside/nature and am fortunate to live surrounded by. I like music/theatre/film/dance. I also like to party now and then/love to dance.

I love to read. Currently I have 2 particular books on the go - 1) A history of the world in 100 objects. Fascinating. Why wasn't this shown/taught me as a child/young person? Why was I subject to the ignorance of 1960's society? 2) A War in Words ..... a catalogue of the diaries/lives of WW1 soldiers. Utterly heartbreaking. Why is man so stupid? Why does he never learn?

Don't suffer fools gladly.

I have read a lot more since. I am desperately ashamed to learn that the 'Nazi's' were seeking out/insisting on 'babies' for their annihilation process. It just 'beggars belief'! Even more so .... that we 'knew'. This is utterly 'unforgivable'..... but is it so very different from the current policies adopted by UK in terms of 'those "less well off" ..... ie 'receiving any kind of benefit'? I think it's only a short step removed..... and sadly - that step - becomes ever shorter given Brexit.

I have finally decided(?) to move to Lincs Wolds. Visited last autumn (Sally came too) and 'fell in love' with the area. Not too dissimilar, in terms of 'countryside' but not so 'hilly' and rather more 'thriving' with a better public transport network/road network. I need to be able to get to London easily/swiftly(?). From where I now live .... this is 5hrs min whether I drive/use train. It is estimated at 3 hours from Market Rasen area whichever form of transport. Whether that transpires 'to be the case' is an entirely different matter.

Books? I am just re-reading for the third time 'How the other half dies'. It's quite 'shocking'. I don't think 'that much' has really changed in so far as we still live in a capitalist society focused on 'profit'. From a 'global perspective' .... this is simply not acceptable. Thankfully our NGO's are actually changing hearts/minds, slowly but surely ..... as did our 'military' in the Bosnian conflict/Afghanistan. Now 'there' is a conflict (Afghanistan) that has resulted .... in my humble opinion ..... in the rise of terrorism/extremism. Perhaps you don't agree. Another conversation for another time.

I've since read The Shock Doctrine .... Naomi Klein .....isbn 978-0-141-02453-0. This is even more shocking and I think I have to retract a number of earlier comments. I am left in despair for mankind. I am now reading another 'non-fiction' book ..... a present some years ago that I have picked up/put down (too heavy). Since I c an't access the library and fed up of spending a small fortune on 'used books online' ...... decided to read/concentrate on. I am 3/4 through. ......Robert Peston, 'Who runs Britain', isbn 978-0-340-83944-7. This makes me weep. It is yet another exposure of corrupt govt/financial institutions ....... the 'profit' of the wealthy at the expense of the less wealthy. Quite apart from the immorality this is not sustainable. Or is it? If we continue to 'not bother to vote even' ..... then 'this corruption' is highly sustainable.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I'd love to meet the man of my dreams but I think that's highly unlikely and I may just be too independent minded/ too much my 'own person'. Meanwhile I'm happy to meet anyone/everyone with similar views/attitudes.I am 'stunned/bemused' that you don't respond. That 'tells me a lot'. Sadly the conclusions I draw take me ever further away.
Hobbies & Interests
Walking (dog-owner)/horse-riding, politics, human rights/animal rights/environmental rights. Green issues. Gardening. Alternative health issues ......... we are being killed by prescribed drugs! Art/crafts. Countryside/nature.
Favourite Books
Read so many I can't actually think of a favourite
Favourite TV Shows
recently ..... Downton Abbey, also Question Time
Favourite Films
would have to be 'an Officer and a Gentleman' .......1) because I'm a fan of Richard Gere ....2) it's sheer romanticism. I also loved Warhorse but watched with my eyes covered much of the time ...... the cruelty/neglect depicted was simply 'unforgivable'..... but I guess in a 'war scenario' ....... 'who cares?'. I also loved 'Belle'. Must watch 1917!
Favourite Music
too many ...... Lady in Red/Chris de Burgh often runs through my mind. Carly Simon/Otis Redding/Simon and Garfunkel/Joan Biaz/some Hendrix/Grieg/Mozart/Tchaikovsky. We have to consider that all of these may not have had success with every composition. I'm bemused by what is now considered 'rock' but I'm not/never was a devotee regardless.
Favourite Quotes
I have a dream