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Conned or Not?

Watching TV then on come the ads, you know the ones for shampoo and make up (mascara) then there is normally a disclaimer saying this was made using natural hair extensions or with eye lash inserts. Are we being conned? Why are they bothering to make the ads in the first place if they don't really work unless you have the said hair extensions or lash inserts puts me off from wanting to buy the products... then again that could just be me lol.
I guess it's just the ad-man's dream out there.

You are quite 'right'

Following Brexit, this turned up on my Facebook page


"How did you vote?" said Pooh.

"Leave," said Piglet.

"I voted remain," said Pooh.

"Are we still friends?" said Piglet.

"Well to be honest, I'm not really sure" said Pooh, uncharacteristically thoughtfully. "It's a complex issue and not really one that can be reduced to seven lines of text for the purposes of a rather twee meme.

"On the one hand, a belief in unity, that we're stronger together, and that when we work as a team we both benefit, was one of the main reasons why I voted as I did.

"On the other hand, whilst I appreciate that, just as I did, you chose your vote based on what you thought was for the best, you have precipitated a huge financial collapse, destabilised my country, and threatened the future of my children, and it's hard for me to forget that, especially within a matter of hours.

"It's entirely possible that we're going to end up with a very much depleted Sixty Acre Wood, and while you might have no issue with the other animals who live here, you sided with those who did. As of yesterday, Kanga's had to go into hiding, Rabbit's marching to Christopher Robin's house demanding her immediate repatriation, and Tigger's had donkey shit shoved through his letterbox. While you might not have wanted that, you legitimised it, and decided that other animals' lives and security were collateral damage.

"It's true that you're still the small, massively overmarketed stuffed animal that you were before, but realistically I've seen another side of you that I hadn't before and it's going to take me some time to process that.

"And whenever I tried to discuss this with you beforehand, you either accused me of scaremongering or insisted on ignoring me and showing me pictures of cats instead.

"So rather than pressing me for assurances I'm in no position to make right now, I'd appreciate it if you could give me some space and allow me to get off my face on honey and grieve the future that I thought I had, which has been destroyed in the favour of the one that you've dragged me into.

"And if you don't, I'll post you to Cameron. All right?"

   likes this.

Mmmmmm ........ pretty much my sentiments entirely ........BUT ........ we 'don't know' ........ 'this is unknown territory'.  On the basis of the claims made (???) - it might prove beneficial in the long-term(?!?) ..... but for whom exactly?  My great fear is that we are now beyond serious 'climate change action'/serious 'human rights issues'.  This dismays/saddens me.  So many of our pre-decessors have given their lives to ensure the democracy that we have (?!?) ........ yet it's become abundantly clear that Britain is not a democracy, despite their sacrifice.  A British 'Trump'?  I sincerely hope not ....... but I think, in fairness, we need to wait/see.

No response from you.  Why?

Guess you guys don't like 'serious' conversation.  That's Ok.

Sadly the world is not run by politicians ...... though it may 'seem to be'.  It is run by multinational corporations.

Brexit has happened and we must wait/see the result.  All I can see is UK becoming 'Little America' ...... but I'm sure this is the long-term interest/profit of Boris. 

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