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Sending and receiving messages.


As a new member, I was wondering if someone could clarify the rules on sending/receiving messages for me?  I am aware there is a limit to how many messages can be stored in my mailbox, so I have taken care to delete messages I have read or sent, to keep my mailbox empty so I can receive new messages.  But is there also a limit to how many messages I can send to other members?  The reason I ask this is that roughly the last 5 messages I have sent to other members have received no replies, so I’m starting to wonder if this is because I have reached some messaging limit I am unaware of, and the messages have not actually been sent?  If not, I can only assume I must have the online equivalent to halitosis, and no one wants to talk to me!  Unhappy

There's no limit on sending messages. You may want to try sending messages to members who have logged in more recently. Look under 'Recent Logins' on the home page dashboard (left column) and/or when using the search, sort by Last Login.

Thanks for the reply, Martin.  The messages I sent were to people who had logged in recently, and regularly.  Seems like my 'online halitosis' must be the problem... I'd better go and get some virtual breath mints...

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