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Here we go then

Having recovered from finding out that my wife has a new best male friend and there is a reasonable chance I am about to become single I have realised that if we can't fix it my friends come down to her friends/relations and my work colleagues.

Whilst they are all very nice to work with, I don't particularly want to be with them outside work too so I have decided to make some new friends, just in case.

That's where I come unstuck as I haven't had a penpal since pens went out of fashion.

I've looked at a few sites and although there are apparently an unlimited number of young foreign people all desperate to make my acquaintance (mainly female, as it happens) they all seem a bit full-on with strangers.

So here I am. I've still got my sense of humour (that may not be a good thing for the rest of you) and even forced myself to take a photo although it doesn't look anything like the picture I maintain in my head when I'm away from shiny surfaces.

Oh dear ....... I'm sorry to learn.  2 years have now passed so what is the the situation right now?

Hello there.  I hope you are feeling a little  is a photo of me here better now.  It's a fairly 'traumatic' experience ....... but 'why' did this happen?

You didn't respond to my previous contact ....... that's ok.  Don't know if there is a photo of me here.  Think probably not...... and I'm not about to add.  It is not 'what I "look like" in terms of any future, long-term relationship ......... because 'ageing' tends to destroy ....... it is far more to do with similar attitudes/interests ...... but I am actually 'quite happy' remaining single.

Best wishes.

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