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About Me
Hi - you'll find me ever willing to stroll to the local cinema, café/bar, restaurant etc. The railways often deposit me in a city where a favourite band is performing. These activities do not require me to own a pair of walking boots - though I do appreciate both a gnarled tree root and inner-city graffiti.
I'm an avid reader: novels, philosophical meanderings, political commentary. CD's and vinyl continue to pile up around me, I guess the 'arts' are as close as I get to having a belief system - aesthetics?
The possibilities of language excite me, colour excites me - as does the sharing of good food, red wine and stimulating conversation. I very much enjoy a glass of American whiskey and a cigarette mixed with some wistful pondering!
I'm drawn to certain aspects of gothic romanticism, the symbolism can be very playful - a deep red petal has just detached itself and fallen amid these introductory words, it would appear that lucidity does occasionally float my way -
Who I'd Like to Meet
Hmm - who would I like to meet? A sensitive soul who has retained their individuality despite the 'slings and arrows'. Someone who finds easy acceptance of convention a little bit tiresome. Playfulness would be most welcome, a slither of juvenilia is probably far healthier than the daily intake of multi-vitamins!
Seriousness and playfulness obviously have their place, I guess sensitive individuals read the temperature correctly more often than not.
It would be wonderful to share crossover interests and enthusiasms, I could easily list my favourite: authors, recording artists, films, colours, ponderings etc. I figure all this 'stuff' will emerge in conversation, it would be very uplifting to have 'that' conversation -
Hobbies & Interests
I believe I've have already spoken about my hobbies and interests in the above sections, to be honest I'm not too keen on the word 'hobby', probably some stupid prejudice on my part? Most of my interest are 'arts' based: literature, music, design and pictorial representation, film, contemporary dance, the weekend newspapers and - discussing idea's, opinions and our resulting emotions in both letter writing and conversation. Perhaps I don't have a hobby?
Favourite Books
Too many to mention, however here's a few for now: Marlen Haushofer's 'Nowhere Ending Sky', Simone De Beauvoir's four volumes of memoirs beginning with 'A Dutiful Daughter', Sheila Heti's 'Motherhood' and 'How Should A Person Be?', Sara Flannery Murphy's 'The Possessions'. At the moment I'm being silly by reading two books simultaneously, one is a novel by Lisa Halliday called 'Asymmetry', the other is a political book by Paul Collier entitled 'The Future Of Capitalism'. Many more titles/authors will surely surface in conversation.
Favourite TV Shows
TV Shows? I work full time and as we've established I enjoy reading, listening to my music and scribbling words, this doesn't leave much time for TV. I do tend to watch BBC2's Newsnight, I also enjoy a tense serial, 'Homeland' for example. The space for 'arts' based programmes seems to have diminished, live football fares little better. You'll gather that I do not subscribe to a multi-channel provider.
Favourite Films
Films - my most recent cinema film was 'Cold War', I enjoyed it but not quite as much as I assumed I would. The dialogue in the final sequence stays with me! I've missed one or two trips to the local cinema which is rather annoying.
I suppose my favourite film or, most visited film is 'Wings Of Desire' by Wim Wenders, I also adore his 'Alice In The Cities', pretty sure I've got that right. I also adore Vincent Gallo's 'Buffalo 66' and '20th Century Women' by Mike Mills. Given my age the films I've enjoyed really are too many to mention, I haven't even mentioned gothic celluloid -
Favourite Music
Music. Is music my biggest passion? Probably. The bands/artists I've seen live this year are: 'Let's Eat Grandma', St Vincent, Kacey Musgraves, Neko Case and Julia Holter. Nothing in my diary gig wise for 2019 as yet, I'm hoping the onset of the new year changes my blank diary into a cacophony of noise.
Bowie and Lou Reed are the artists I've travelled with for such a long time, all their albums are to be found somewhere in this flat, I do in some way think of Bowie and Reed as my teachers, their aesthetics allowed me much sound experimentation for which I will always be grateful.
Laura Marling is an extrodinary writer/composer as is PJ Harvey and Nick Cave, I could easily name many more inspiations. I do adore discovering young bands/artists and watching them evolve: album one, album two - I find the energy intoxicating.
Favourite Quotes
Favourite quotes - from the top of my head three spring to mind. (1) Emily Bronte " My love for Heathcliff resembles the eternal rocks beneath- a source of little visible delight but necessary" (2) Bowie "There is always something new and exciting out there if one does but look for it". And (3) Leonard Cohen "there is a hole in everything - that's how the light gets in"
I've got more quotes on the tip of my tongue - no doubt I'll find and use them in conversation, appropriately of course!