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5 May 2016
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Online and offline friends
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5' 10" (178 cm)
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Not Religious
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Creative / Design
Undergraduate Degree
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One Day
Non Smoker
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The Future
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Caribbean Cruise
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The Creative One
About Me
I'm a very creative person, always trying to come up with new ideas for things. For a while I wanted to be a film writer and I came up with some pretty good material to boot. Didn't work out though. Other than that I guess I've got quite a cheeky sense of humour and tend to be very fun loving and playful. As far as I'm concerned the most important thing is to be nice - everything else can come from there. I used to share my life with a cat called Sophie but she recently passed away and I'm dawdling over when to get another cat - I am definitely a cat person mind you. Cats make lazing around look sultry and stylish! I work in Graphic Design but am currently off work due to health problems. I found out recently on chat rooms that I really like to talk to people online, hence why I'm on here.
Who I'd Like to Meet
I'm not quite sure as I've never fully participated in one of these before but I think I'm looking for pen pals. So looking for nice people to get to know online and share hobbies, interests and any news that might be going on.
Hobbies & Interests
My favourite hobby right now is meditation - I'm currently listening to audiobooks by the gallon to get ideas about how to become enlightened and the idea of this fascinates me. Other than that I like graphic design (and am a qualified graphic designer) and I'm also thinking of learning how to program. I've always been very sporty (from a young age I participated in the tennis and field hockey county teams, as well as played a lot of squash) but recently I find myself playing a lot of pool - I used to own a table so I've gotten quite good at it. I also love board games - I used to be apart of a board games club where people would meet down the pub every week with a new board game to play.
Favourite Books
I don't read fiction - whenever I do I just start day-dreaming about my own stories so I don't finish the book for ages - it seriously took me 5 months to finish Steven King's Needful things. I'm currently looking at reading a bit more though particularly about educational subjects like philosophy, biology and physics. But I much prefer audiobooks.
Favourite TV Shows
01) By a mile has to be the greatest TV show ever - Friends!!!!!!! - I've seen all the episodes dozens of times.02) Dawson's Creek 03) The Big Bang Theory 04) Buffy the Vampire Slayer 05) The later series of Red Dwarf.
Favourite Films
The early Star Wars films are amazing (the first three they made). Also Hayao Miyazaki films - in particular Spirited Away (my favourite film) and Howl's Moving Castle. I also like Dragon (the story of Bruce Lee's Life) and Beautiful Girls (coming of age film about some guys in northern USA trying to move on from high school, trying to find love and happiness).
Favourite Music
When I was younger I was into heavy metal, rock, grunge and industrial but as I got older I started to prefer pop music more than anything else. I also like listening to soundtracks to movies.
Favourite Quotes
"To the whole world you are just one person, but to one person you can be the whole world" as I hope to meet my soul mate one day.