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Basic Info
Member Since:
2 June 2010
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I Want:
Online and offline friends
Sexual Orientation:
Eye Colour:
6' (183 cm)
Body Type:
Not Religious
Emloyment Status:
Marital Status:
Non Smoker
Favourite Season:
I'm Known As:
The Creative One
About Me
I am an artist, prefer to be known as a paint player. I used to live on a Narrowboat. I love communication. I will try most things once. I don't take life too seriously. I have achieved most of my dreams but I am always looking for more exciting projects to keep the little grey cells working and the heart pumping. I love to hear other peoples view on life and I love to laugh and smile. Any ideas ????
Who I'd Like to Meet
Open minded people who can enjoy life in all it's formats, who can be critical without being judgemental, who can laugh and smile, who can be serious but not overbearing, people who have an opinion and can embrace honesty. Any age, any persuasion. I'm sure you are out there somewhere.
Hobbies & Interests
Is there enough space !!!!Sailing, boats, painting, garden sculpture, photography, playing the guitar and singing, walking my dog, making walking sticks, healing, meditation, relaxation, conversation, communication, reading, writing, generally being creative, dog psychology. That'll do for the time being.
Favourite Books
Maritime historical fiction. ie: Alexander Kent
Favourite TV Shows
Not fussed
Favourite Films
Adventure, historical, swashbuckling, sci fi.
Favourite Music
Most live music
Favourite Quotes
If you die of old age it's your own fault.Never play leapfrog with a Unicorn.If you can't find a smile look in the mirror.Sing as though no-one is listening and dance as though no-one is looking, etc.