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28 May 2013
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Online friends only
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5' 8" (173 cm)
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Not Religious
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Unable to Work
Secondary / High School
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Non Smoker
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Being Rich
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Anywhere but Home
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The Comedian
About Me
I have been separated for 4 years now. and miss having someone to just talk to. I am currently off work, due to a serious accident in January 2011, but hope to start earning a living again very shortly. I fly microlights for recreation and because of my current statis, spend all of my time at the airfield, as can't stand sitting at home being bored to death. 2 sons, eldest 29, the youngest 27, the elder is a flying instructor ( did not teach me to fly ) the youngest is a forensic scientist. Use to own my own transport business, but lost it due to being unable to work due to 2 very minor stokes ( TIA's ) in 2009
Just uploaded a pic of myself up, only one I have of me and I look like I am scowling, but I don't normally look like that. I was running a dinner dance for my flying club and was caught off guard when I was running around like a headless chicken !!!
Who I'd Like to Meet
Absolutely anybody, male,female, or very clever dog or cat who can use a computer ( probably better than me anyway ) just need someone to listen sometimes.
Hobbies & Interests
Flying is my main interest and when not flying, I spend 90% of my time fixing other peoples aircraft. I do like museums though, but not been for years, as ex partner could do the whole museum in 15 minutes while I was still reading the signs in the foyer !!
Favourite Books
Anything by Terry Pratchitt. I would fit into Discworld perfectly !!
Favourite TV Shows
Again, if it's science fiction, I will stay in to watch it. If it's sport, I'll go out so I don't have to see it.
Favourite Films
Not really got any, last film I saw at the cinema was the Flintstones, the one before that was Soldier Blue, about 20 years earlier. But I must admit I do like anything science fiction.
Favourite Quotes
Non illegiti carberundum !