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4 May 2010
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About Me
I am divorced many years & raised my son alone, worked 2 jobs & now it's time for me to meet new people & learn more than doing the 'mum' thing. I'm shy till i get to know you, I love: to see smiles, hear laughter, music, films. I'm a positive person, I'm also a Spiritualist, which doesn't mean I am odd, spooky or weird. I'm just me.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Any one who likes to chat once in a while. I'm not looking for a date, just friends. People facinate me. Every one is so different & unique.
Hobbies & Interests
Spiritualism. Inventing different Tarot reading cards. Antique shops, socialising with friends & family. Countryside so relaxing. Sea side, refreshing. Window shopping, but I haven't bought any. Not forgetting The MKM, (Mean Killing Machine) my mini Yorkie. She is about 9 yrs old, has only one eye, no teeth, cushins disease, (tumour on the pituity gland) & so no fur except head n feet when I adopted her a year ago. She's fab & thinks she's a Rottie !
Favourite Books
Actually quite a big question, I’ve enjoyed every book I’ve read or I wouldn’t have finished them.
Favourite TV Shows
The C.S.I.'s. The Law & Order group of shows. Bones. 2 & a half men.
Favourite Films
One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. The shining. Titanic, (oh come on I’m a girl!) The bucket list.
Favourite Quotes
"Badges ? Badges ! We don't need no stinking badges !"