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23 January 2016
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Online and offline friends
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6' 1" (185 cm)
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Not Religious
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Full-Time Employee
Logistics / Transportation
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Non Smoker
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The Future
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Anywhere but Home
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The Easy-Going One
About Me
hi iam david thanks for having a little peek at my profile, iam recently single , 40 in 3 weeeks and still working untill 10pm at night 5 nights a week lost touch with most of old friends and need to start getting out abit more and being around other humans outside of work anyway, so thought i would try this and see if i can make some new friends ....dont be shy say hi , iam friendly and will reply to all messeges when i log in and see them , unless your clearly insane lol Smile
Who I'd Like to Meet
iam happy to get to know anybody as long as your friendly , sexuality , race , background ect is unimportant as long as we get on easily

lads for friendship only (as iam straight)....girls who are taken for friendship only (oviously).... girls who are single and are interested in more iam open to relationship but just here to get to make some new friends atm.
Hobbies & Interests
hobbies and interestes lol i feel like iam filling an application form out for a job lol....

i spend time doing cardio and relaxing listening books on audible most days ...

love going out on bike in the summer

regular cinema goer ... try my hand at making beats and music on fruityloops studio when i have time ... i keep thinking about buying a new guitar and start playing again but never get round to it just as well really cause well out of practice.
Favourite Books
anything by stephen king especialy the dark tower books (there my favs)

anne rices vampire chronicles - love them but still working my way thrugh them , think iam on book 6 or 7...

the dune books by frank herbert .... lord of the rings - the hobbit - and the silmarillian by tolkien (oviously) lol

harry potter....vampire acadamy....morgannville vampires....twilight... i pretty much fall asleep to teen vampires every night lol.
Favourite TV Shows
24 - x files - supernatural - dexter - calafornication - vampire diarys - originals - lost - game of throwns - friends - new girl - big bang theory - 2 pints of larger and a packet of crisps.....the list goes on but iam sure you seen them all too Smile
Favourite Films
super tired ...will come back to fill this in
Favourite Music
super tired ....will come back to fill this in too
Favourite Quotes
yoo hoo al make you famouse (young guns 2)...cudent really think of any others Smile