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4 May 2010
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About Me
"Hello world"
I live out on the country in mid Danmark,so expect lot´s of the talk will be about the nature around here,i love sharing pictures and chatting about everydays
events,but theres nothing really we cant talk about.
I love to laugh and have a good sence of expect a bit of a laughter now and then too.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Hmm lets see,someone who will write steady and not just dissapear after 14 days.
No scammers or liars thanks,i´m not here for games,only to find friends and to
learn about how others live.
Hobbies & Interests
Ups..i got a lot.let´s see....
Swimming and diving,Flying RC aircraft and flightsimulators,Building
scale models,painting with oilpaint,drawing (pensil),drawing (coalpen),
Programming (C,Amos,Assambler,Pascal,Forth and different dialects of Basic),
web Programming,making webpages,scout activities,Radio comunication VHF and HF,
Repairing computers and hardware,constructin electronic gadgets,repairing avionic,
Making mechanical things (micro robots),working with wood (small things),making furnitures in wood.Different types of selfdefence both Karate and Chuan Fa.
Favourite Books
Alistair Maclean,,,oh i give up theres too many !
This world is just filled with wonderful books,listing favorites would be like asking a camel to tell you how many footprints there are in sahara ?
Favourite TV Shows
Awss it goes on,well tv films comes and goes,theres Top Gear,Mythbusters,and i could probably fill out a dusin pages with good film i have seen on tv,but ?
theres bound to be new ones all the time...
Favourite Films
Yipe once again,too many to count,let´s just say that i love the disney films,
but it´s just not done by that,theres so many good films,Indiana Jones,Titanic,
each film matches a mood,so no picking favorites is only a question of the mood you are in at the time ?
Favourite Quotes
Life is an explotion of expanding possibilities"
(Quote: Orla Lund)
"Being different is wonderful"
(Quote: Orla Lund)
"Happyness are ment to be shared or it will fade"
(Quote: Orla Lund)