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26 September 2017
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Online and offline friends
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Not Religious
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Full-Time Employee
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Whitewater Rafting in New Zealand
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The Quiet One
About Me
Never been much good at describing myself to be honest but here goes, I play the bass guitar piano and I used to kinda play the accordion a while back but have forgotten most of it, I make rally cars for a living, I have internal snapping hip syndrome and am a rather introverted person who struggles with face to face interaction, hence trying out this site.
Who I'd Like to Meet
Anyone really, it'd be nice to have people to chat with online but I mean if there's anyone around Shrewsbury who's interested in music or rock climbing then gimme a shout and see what can be sorted?
Hobbies & Interests
Been making knives since i was about 11, been focusing more on kitchen knives recently though, far more satisfying I find, I enjoy rock climbing, indoors or out, and started it as a sort of homebrew physio for my hip after many result-less hospital and physiotherapy trips, so far it's doing me nothing but good! Also rather enjoy enduro motorbike riding.
Favourite Books
Haven't read anything in a while but the last series i really got into was the girl with the dragon tattoo series, thoroughly recommended.
Favourite TV Shows
Don't really watch much TV to be honest although every now and then i watch a show called forged in fire, basically a blacksmithing competition, can be real interesting even if you're not interested in the craft.
Favourite Films
Same as TV I don't watch that man films although I'll never turn down a good studio ghibli film, as much for the soundtrack as the beautiful animation.
Favourite Music
Uuuumm, I enjoy caravan palace, I enjoy avenged sevenfold, and i also enjoy mumford and sons? Go figure i guess,90% of music i'll listen to unless it's repetitive modern pop sorta stuff.
Favourite Quotes
Fix it until it's broken.